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Mr. Sunshine

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ABC's Mr. Sunshine
Mr. Sunshine;
the sunny side of things.

Welcome to SunshineCenter! Here you will find discussion, fanfiction, graphics, and anything else you can think of, all concerning ABC's new hit series Mr. Sunshine, starring Matthew Perry and Allison Janney.

Mr. Sunshine;
community guidelines

general → all posts must related to the tv show mr. sunshine. no character, ship, or actor bashing of any kind.

spoilers → everything will be considered a spoiler until a week after it has aired and must be placed under a cut.

graphics → no more than three icons or one bigger graphic/thumbnail (400x200px max) outside of a cut.

fanfiction → must be posted under a cut with a title, a rating, a summary and warnings, and must be beta-read.

mods → your friendly neighbourhood mods are mathhhh and cartography. contact them in case of questions or problems. full rules here.

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